UCL Medical School


MBBS Management Contacts

This section provides contact details for MBBS Management.

Job TitleNameExternal TelephoneInternal ExtEmail
Head of MBBS ManagementGaynor Jones  gaynor.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Head of MBBS Student Records and SupportAlison Crook020 7679 085740857a.crook@ucl.ac.uk
IT Systems ManagerKate Howe020 7679 6167 or
020 3108 9222
MBBS Systems Project Manager and Learning Technologist Taylor Bennie020 7679 242952419t.bennie@ucl.ac.uk
Student Support and Records ManagerHolly Riches020 7679 087040870h.riches@ucl.ac.uk
Student Support Administrator (Years 1-3)Purvangi Dave 020 7679 0842 40842medsch.student-support@ucl.ac.uk
Student Support Administrator (Years 4-6) & Elective ApprovalJayshree Naik020 7679 085940859medsch.student-support@ucl.ac.uk
Visiting Electives AdministratorAnne Thurston020 7679 089540895anne.thurston@ucl.ac.uk
WHIT UG Centre & Placements Manager (O&G) / Personal Tutors / Transfers admissionsStephanie Woods020 7288 5433 5433s.woods@ucl.ac.uk
WHIT UG Centre Deputy Manager and Placements (Medicine)Tadiwa Mutongwizo020 7288 52685268t.mutongwizo@ucl.ac.uk
WHIT UG Centre Receptionist/Personal Tutors / PlacementsBillie Josef020 7288 53105310


Royal Free Trust Liaison and Placements ManagerHannah Golec020 3108 9243 59243h.golec@ucl.ac.uk
Royal Free Placements Administrator - CH and Neuro PlacementsSarah Smith020 3108 908059080sarah.a.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Head of MBBS Management Years 1-3Carol Farguson020 7679 0844 40844c.farguson@ucl.ac.uk
Y1 and Y2 Manager (Assessments and SSCs)Fahmina Begum020 7679 0861 40861f.begum@ucl.ac.uk
Year 1 and 2 Student AdministratorAndy Houghton020 7679 0863 40863mbbsy1@ucl.ac.uk and mbbsy2@ucl.ac.uk
Year 1 and 3/IBSc Student AdministratorLeanna Demetriou020 7679 086240862medsch.mbbsy3@ucl.ac.uk
Y4 Manager (Curriculum and Assessment)Victoria Clausen-Thue020 3108 220752207v.clausen-thue@ucl.ac.uk
Year 4 and Year 6 Student Administrator & SJTEmma Storey Harris020 3108 237152371e.storey-harris@ucl.ac.uk
Y5 Manager (Curriculum and Assessment)Paula Raftery020 7679 668546685paula.raftery@ucl.ac.uk
Year 5 and 6 Student Administrator and Foundation School TransitionErrol Lobo020 7679 086040860medsch.year5@ucl.ac.uk
Head of MBBS Management Years 4-6Chloe Marshall020 7679 084640846c.marshall@ucl.ac.uk
Year 6 Manager (SSCs and Clinical Finals)Jane Rowles020 7679 0858 40858jane.rowles@ucl.ac.uk
Head of MBBS Management CPP & QAIzzie Jay020 3108 221152211i.jay@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical and Professional Practice Teaching Co-ordinatorTor Wright020 7679 612746127t.wright@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical and Professional Practice AdministratorAyana Sakey020 7679 086740867a.sakey@ucl.ac.uk
Quality Assurance ManagerHelen Lewis020 7679 676046760helen.lewis@ucl.ac.uk
Quality Assurance  AdministratorLauren Hammond020 7679 084940849lauren.hammond@ucl.ac.uk