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Giving your time

Mentoring, career advice, speaking at student events, cheering on a sports team...

MDs Comedy Revue

Some things never change and students always love meeting alumni! Sometimes it’s their first opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with clinicians and role models, especially if they haven’t had access to those networks before coming to medical school.

Student societies

If you were a member of a particular society or team during your studies you may want to support current students with the same interests. Whether that’s sports, mental wellbeing, comedy or art, we can connect you with the group of students who would love to hear from you. Students are often looking for speakers at their events, or potential podcast interviewees too. If alumni helped you at all during your studies you can appreciate the huge boost this gives to a student.

You can find details of some RUMS societies here, MedSoc here and Medics4Medics here. Contact us if there is any particular group you wish to support and we can easily put you in touch.

Widening access

An ever-popular way to volunteer your time is with our widening access programme, Target Medicine. Here you can chat to high school pupils from under-represented groups who are interested in medicine, sharing your experiences and giving them some insider knowledge of life as a doctor. Our volunteers come back year after year as this is such an incredibly rewarding initiative. Come and join the TM family!

RUMS African Caribbean Soc mentoring event
RUMS Rugby UH Cup
RFH Armistice Centenary event