UCL Medical School


Financial giving

How you can help to transform students' futures, whatever their background

Studying in London is very expensive, especially for medical students who undertake a long and demanding course with little opportunity to combine study with part-time work. Financial worries can often impact on studies, with many students struggling to maintain their basic costs of living and at risk of falling behind. Our objectives are:

  • To make a UCLMS education open to excellent students regardless of income
  • To attract and support a diverse student body
  • To ensure, once at UCL, our medical students thrive without being compromised by financial difficulties
We’re committed to ensuring our students thrive and have the best experience of UCLMS with all the opportunities our community brings.

Ways you can support students include:


Medical Student Support Fund

This fund aims to make a UCL education open to excellent students no matter their income and background. Whether that's to cover the cost of a broken laptop, a travelcard or everyday living essentials, your gift will help to ensure that all students have an equivalent experience to their peers with the same opportunities.


Leave a Gift in your Will

By leaving a gift in your will, you have the opportunity to shape and secure students' futures for generations to come. Once you have remembered those closest to you, there are several ways to support medical students by including in your will one or more of the following options: 

  • A percentage of your estate once all fees, outstanding costs and other gifts have been completed. You can leave as little as 1% of your estate to the Medical School. 
  • A specific cash amount. It’s possible to link your gift to the Retail Price Index, which ensures your gift retains the same value in the future and does not decrease in value over time. Your solicitor can advise on this.
  • A gift that benefits your loved ones first. This allows you to leave part or all of your estate for the benefit of a particular person(s) for the duration of their lifetime. On their death, the assets pass wholly or in part to UCL.
  • A specific legacy item for example land, property, antiques, etc.

For more information about leaving a legacy and the amazing impact support like this has, please contact us at legacies@ucl.ac.uk or call +44 (0)20 3108 3833.