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Gender Equality

The Gender Equality group is committed on raising awareness and eliminating the impact of gender bias in the UCL committee.

The inclusion of women into higher education and the professional sphere marked one of the greatest cultural shifts seen in the previous century.  While the opportunities afforded to women have increased, it has also led to attitudes being challenged on the role of both men and women within society.

With the recent publication by Jane Dacre highlighting the issues surrounding gender imbalance within the medical profession, understanding these inequalities is critical to our aim of promoting an inclusive environment for both genders. 

    Our objectives are to

    • highlight the misconceptions affecting both men and women in Medical Sciences
    • empower individuals to recognise their own attitudes and beliefs and how this can impact gender stereotypes
    • discuss strategies on challenging gender bias within a wider social and professional network 
    • ensure that equal opportunities are afforded to individuals regardless of their gender
    • ensure all individuals feel valued and rewarded for their work 

    More crucially, with promoting equality and diversity forming key components in the NHS long term plan, integral to UCL’s own pledge for advancing employment and development opportunities are driving improvements that are robust and evidence driven. 

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