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Ethnicity and Race

The Ethnicity and Race subgroup aims to make UCL Medical School a place where students and staff feel like they belong, are respected, and listened to. 

We want our staff and students to have a positive experience at UCLMS. Whilst UCL has a proud history rooted in providing equal access to education regardless of gender, religion, social background or ethnicity, the lived experiences of some students, and the presence of the awarding gap signifies that further work must be undertaken to obtain true equity for all students. 

Together we will challenge and highlight racial and anti-Semitic discrimination wherever we find it. We are dedicated to providing a safe and open channel through which staff and students can work with the Medical School to implement meaningful and sustainable change.

Our aims are:

  1. Provide a safe and welcoming space where students and staff can raise concerns relating to racial discrimination within the Medical School;
  2. To represent the views of black and minority ethnic staff at UCL;
  3. To raise awareness internally and externally of race equality and cultural diversity at UCL;
  4. To support the Medical School to develop strategies to address racial discrimination;
  5. To develop expertise and knowledge of race equality issues among group members;
  6. To work with the Medical School to identify potential areas of concern in the division’s policies and practices.

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