Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering



Modules of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

Module TitleCreditsModule LeaderFHEQ LevelMPHY
Introduction to Medical Imaging15Jem Hebden40001
Cardiac Engineering15Rebecca Yerworth40002
Materials and Mechanics15Pilar Garcia Souto40003
Medical Instrumentation 115Prabhav Reddy40004
Physics of the Human Body15Terence Leung50005
Introduction to Biophysics15Adrien Desjardins50006
Physics for Biomedical Engineering15Peter Munro50007
Anatomy and Physiology with Biomedical Applications15Rebecca Yerworth5, 70008
Clinical Engineering15Julian Henty50009
Design and Professional Skills in Biomedical Engineering15Rebecca Yerworth50010
Medical Instrumentation 215Prabhav Reddy50011
Research Project in Medical Physics30Sergio Bertazzo60012
Biomedical Engineering Group Research Project30Pilar Garcia Souto60013
Study Abroad120Terence Leung60014
Physiological Monitoring15Martin Fry6,70015
Medical Imaging with Ionising Radiation15Alessandro Olivo6,70016
Mathematical Methods in Medical Physics15Jem Hebden60017
Biomedical Ultrasound15Ben Cox6,70018
MRI and Biomedical Optics15Robert Cooper6,70019
Computing in Medicine15Erwin Alles6,70020
Research Software Engineering with Python15Matt Clarkson70021
Materials and Engineering for Orthopaedic Medical Devices15Sergio Bertazzo70023
Research Project in Biomedical and Medical Imaging105Gary Zhang70024
Information Processing in Medical Imaging15Jamie McClelland70025
Computer Assisted Surgery and Therapy15Matt Clarkson70026
Clinical Practice15Lynsey Duffell70027
Radiotherapy Physics15Gary Royle70028
Medical Electronics and Control15Martin Fry70029
Programming Foundations for Medical Image Analysis15Yipeng Hu70030
Critical Review of Key Papers in Biomedical Imaging15Ivana Drobnjak70031
Ionising Radiation Physics: Interactions and Dosimetry15Billy Dennis70032
Medical Device Enterprise Scenario15Billy Dennis70033
MRes Dissertation120Robert Cooper70034
MSc Research Project60Robert Cooper70035
Research Project in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering45Sergio Bertazzo70036
Medical Electronics and Neural Engineering15Henry Lancashire6,70037
Treatment Using Ionising Radiation 15Gary Royle6,70038
Applications of Biomedical Engineering15Terence Leung6,70039
Extramural Year 30Terence Leung60040
Machine Learning in Medical Imaging15Andre Altman70041
Research Project in Biomedical Engineering 30Sergio Bertazzo60042
Artificial Intelligence in Surgical Interventions (2020/21)15Yipeng Hu70043
Practical Physics and Computing for Medical Physics 1 (2020/21)15Paul Burke40044