Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering




  • "Complete Material Characterisation Through A Single Polychromatic X-ray Scan", EPSRC New Horizons Scheme


  • UCL Healthcare Engineering Impact Fellowship

  • “In-process carbon fibre alignment monitoring”, EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hubs Feasibility studies

  • “Inferring Engineered Tissue Properties Combining In Vitro Experiments, High-Resolution Imaging and Mathematical Modelling”, Imaging BioPro Proof-of-Concept award


  • “A new approach to material identification with x-rays based on the attenuation/phase duality”, IRC (DSTL, DfT and other authorities)
  • “A new multi-scale x-ray micro computed tomography machine to enable (image-guided) non-destructive inspections of decellularised tissue”, EPSRC New Investigator Award
  • “A multi-contrast X-ray nanoscope for multidisciplinary research”, Wellcome Trust Technology Development
  • “A soft X-Ray Phase-Based Microscope for Biomedical Applications”, NIBIB/NIH
  • “National Research Facility for Lab X-ray CT”, EPSRC National Facilities
  • “Advancing intra-operative specimen imaging through cycloidal computed tomography”, WEISS Proof of Concept award



  • “Innovative, CMOS-based sensor solutions for x-ray detection and imaging”, EPSRC “CASE” studentship (with ISDI co-funding)
  • “Micro-radian x-ray scattering: transformative technology for industrial and medical diagnostics”, Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technology 
  • “Nikon-UCL Prosperity Partnership on Next-Generation X-Ray Imaging”, EPSRC Prosperity Partnership Programmes 
  • “Dynamic multi-modal x-ray imaging (DM-MX)”, EU H2020 ATTRACT Scheme 
  •  “ML-CYCLO-CT: Combining cycloidal computed tomography with machine learning: a mechanism to disrupt the costly relationship between spatial resolution and radiation dose”, EU H2020 ATTRACT Scheme 
  •  “Edge illumination x-ray phase contrast imaging with equiangular time-delay integration (EXPITIS)”, EU H2020 ATTRACT Scheme 
  • “XCOL: Low-cost, large area x-ray colour image sensors”, EU H2020 ATTRACT Scheme 
  • “UTXuCT X-ray phase contrast micro CT as a bridging imaging modality”, EU H2020 ATTRACT Scheme 
  • “Label-free multi-scale X-ray imaging”, Royal Society IEC\R2\192116 International Exchanges 2019 Cost Share 
  • “Next generation, quantitative optical imaging”, Royal Society University Research Fellowship Renewal 


  • “Low-cost, structured scintillators for x-ray phase contrast imaging and application to the early diagnosis of osteoarticular diseases”, EPSRC/UCL Impact Acceleration Account “Discovery to Use” (D2U) 
  •  “Single-scan collection of 7-dimensional x-ray dataset for enhanced threat detection”, IRC (HOSDB, DfT and other authorities) 


  • “Improving the outcomes of oesophageal interventions through novel x-ray based imaging methods”, EPSRC Healthcare Impact Partnership
  • “Multi-modal imaging for characterization and testing of advanced materials”, EPSRC “CASE” studentship (with Nikon co-funding)
  • “New Zeff/SCATTeff from 8-dimensional data acquired in a single scan”, IRC (HOSDB, DfT and other authorities)
  • “X-ray elastography: a novel approach to breast imaging”, EPSRC First Grant.
  • "Exploiting the DART reconstruction algorithm for phase-based computed tomography”, Royal Society International Exchanges travel award
  • 2017 Stjepan Marcelja Visiting Fellowship, Australian National University
  • “Miniaturisation of the EI XPCI set up to meet the practical requirements for a pre-clincial imaging system”, Industrial grant from Perkin Elmer 


  • “Efficient intraoperative detection of tumour margins through x-ray phase contrast CT”, Wellcome/DoH HICF scheme
  • “Fast and cost-effective x-ray phase contrast tomography for image guided therapy”, EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship
  • “Proof-of-concept investigation of the potential of edge-illumination x-ray phase contrast for pre-clinical imaging”, Industrial Grant from Perkin Elmer


  • Next generation, quantitative, pre-clinical imaging”, Royal Society University Research Fellowshi
  • Next generation X-ray detector”, UCL Faculty of Engineering strategic equipment grant proposal
  •  “A novel approach to CT and micro-CT for phase-based x-ray imaging and beyond”, EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship
  •  “Laboratory-based x-ray dark-field microscopy and microtomography”, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship
  •  “Evaluation of edge-illumination based phase contrast and dark-field CT for commercialization of the method in biological and industrial applications”, Industrial grant form NIKON
  •  “UCL cross-disciplinary advanced X-ray imaging centre”, EPSRC “Strategic Equipment” bid
  •  “Imaging ultra-small angle x-ray scattering with edge-illumination: exploiting sub-pixel information in medical diagnostics, materials science and security screening”, EU-Funded Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships
  •  “Detecting explosives and weapons via high-throughput multi-modal x-ray imaging – full prototype”, IRC - (Home Office, DfT and other authorities)


  •  “Investigating the potential of edge-illumination based x-ray phase contrast imaging in the field of angiography”, EPSRC “CASE” studentship (with Siemens co-funding)
  •  “A UK facility for 4-D and correlative imaging using x-ray nano computed tomography”, EPSRC Strategic Equipment Investments (led by Dr. Paul Shearing, UCL Chem Eng – A. Olivo co-I)
  •  “Evaluation of edge-illumination based dark-field imaging for commercialization of the method in industrial applications”, Industrial grant form NIKON
  •  “Translation of quantitative 2D coded aperture phase contrast imaging from the synchrotron to the preclinical laboratory”, Burroughs Wellcome Fund (led by Dr. Mike Wesolowski, University of Saskatchewan – A. Olivo co-I)
  •  “Detecting explosives and weapons via high-throughput multi-modal x-ray imaging – feasibility phase”, IRC (Home Office, DfT and other authorities)
  •  “Towards a clinical translation of x-ray phase contrast imaging to angiography”, UCLB Proof-of-concept grant
  •  “X-ray modeling of explosive simulants”, Industrial grant from Iconal


  • “Further development of code-aperture x-ray phase contrast imaging for commercialization of the method in industrial applications”, Industrial grant form NIKON
  •  “Three-dimensional quantitative x-ray phase imaging”, EPSRC “Developing Leaders”
  •  “Laboratory-Based Coded Aperture X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging”, EU-Funded Marie Curie “Career Integration” Grants
  •  “Maximizing sensitivity and resolution in edge illumination – based X-ray phase-contrast imaging methods”, EU-Funded Marie Curie “Career Integration” Grants
  •  “Single-Shot, Laboratory-Based Quantitative X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging through Energy-Resolved pixelated detectors” STFC “Futures” Studentships


  •  “Evaluation of coded-aperture x-ray phase contrast imaging for commercialization of the method in industrial applications”, Industrial grant form NIKON
  •  “Taking x-ray phase contrast imaging into mainstream applications”, Royal Society, RS Scientific Discussion Meetings plus Satellite “Theo Murphy” International Scientific Meeting at the Kavli Centre
  • Retreat grant for the AXIm group, EPSRC, Creativity at Home


  • “Achieving a step change in osteoarthritis research through innovative imaging tools”, UCL-Imperial “kickstart” grant (A. Olivo co-PI with Dr. Massimo Marenzana, Imperial College)


  • “Transforming the use of x-rays in science and society”, EPSRC, Challenging Engineering award
  • 2010 “Phase modulation technology for X-ray imaging”, EPSRC, Multidisciplinary research at RCaH (led by Prof. Ian Robinson, UCL Phys. and Astr. – A. Olivo co-I)


  •  “X-ray phase-contrast breast tomosynthesis”, EPSRC (through DTA) plus Industrial Partner (DEXELA Ltd), PhD Studentship


  • “A novel phase contrast technique with the potential of revolutionizing x-ray imaging applications in medicine, biology, industry and security”, EPSRC, Career Acceleration Fellowships
  •  “Development of a novel mammography system based on x-ray phase contrast imaging”, Wellcome Trust, Translation Awards


  •  “X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging (XPCi) for increased sensitivity and reduced cluttering”, HOSDB, Innovative ideas for explosives and weapons detection R&D


  • “PC RAD – Towards a clinical implementation of phase contrast radiology”, EU, Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships