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Prof Clare Elwell awarded the IOP Optics and Photonics Prize for Outstanding Contribution

10 July 2024

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We’re delighted to announce that Professor Clare Elwell, has been awarded the Institute of Physics' Optics and Photonics Prize for Outstanding Contribution.

The prize is awarded biennially by the Optical Group and the Quantum Electronics and Photonics group for outstanding contribution to the Optics and Photonics community.

The nominating committee noted Clare’s outstanding work on functional near-infrared spectroscopy, having led the way in developing optical systems to monitor brain activity, her contributions to multiple women in science initiatives and public engagement, including starting the Young Scientists for Africa charity. 

Clare has been invited to speak at PHOTON, the Institute of Physics' biennial optics and photonics conference, in early September, where she will be awarded the prize.