Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


First-year undergraduate students take part in their first poster exhibition

17 March 2022

The event provided a fantastic opportunity for the students to gain valuable experience of presenting their research to a panel of expert judges in a conference-style setting.

Students presenting their research to industry judges

Within their teams, the students carried out an investigation on the mechanical properties of a randomly allocated material, for example aluminium, dental cement or silicone cubes, and then tested or assessed various conditions such as material density, exposure to environmental factors or heat, fatigue tests or rotation angle. During the research stage, the students were also trained on Instron machines and both designed and delivered their own experiments. They then presented their findings in the form of a poster which was discussed with the judges at the exhibition.

Students standing with their research poster
Throughout our undergraduate programmes, students are equipped with the skills needed to address real-world healthcare challenges using the practical application of engineering principles, design concepts and technology. In participating in this research project, the students developed the ability to plan, organise and successfully carry out an experimental study with a strict deadline. They also demonstrated the ability to analyse data using the concepts they learned in class and apply it to a real-world scenario; to think critically; and to compare experimental results with information from other sources.

Students presenting their research
The expert judging panel comprised of industry practitioners from Instron, Ansys and Imperial, as well as academics and researchers for UCL Medical Physics and UCL Mechanical Engineering. They were also joined by a second panel of senior Biomedical Engineering undergraduate students who had participated in the same project in previous years and were able to give their unique perspective and advice on the experience.

Thank you to all of the expert judges who attended;

  • Instron: Andy Smith, Lucio Bassani and Tim Feeney
  • Imperial: James Avery
  • Ansys: Lakshana Mohee and Bridget Ogwezi
  • UCL Mechanical Engineering: Bhagyalakshmi Dasari, Thomas Peach and Zareena Gani
  • UCL Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering: Eve Hatten, Robert Moss and Kirill Aristovich

A special thank you to Pilar Garcia Souto for leading the module and offering invaluable support, advice and guidance to the students, as well as a large dose of humour to keep them on track!

Congratulations to the first-year students who participated, it was a fantastic event!

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