Centre for Medical Imaging


Professor Sue Mallett

Sue Mallett is a Professor in diagnostic and prognostic medical statistics, specialising in clinical trials design, methodology and systematic reviews. She works closely with clinical teams to improve diagnostic pathways, by designing studies and identifying best methods and evidence to inform NHS practice and future NICE guidelines. Sue brings expertise from several disciplinary areas - medical statistics, immunology, virology and genetics.

Sue Mallett trained for her DPhil in molecular immunology with Alan F. Williams and Neil Barclay. Sue retrained in medical statistics from 2000, including working with Roy Anderson, Neil Ferguson, Mike Clarke, Sally Hopewell, Doug Altman, Rafael Perera and Jon Deeks. Following over 15 years of productive ongoing research collaborations with Steve Halligan and Stuart Taylor, Sue joined CMI in 2020.

Sue has developed new diagnostic clinical trial designs in collaboration with Stuart Taylor and Steve Halligan to include patient management decisions, time to diagnosis and comparison of diagnostic pathways. She has helped to design and analyse studies on computer assisted detection in CT colonography as well as eye tracking of radiologists reading 3D videos of colorectal cancer. Sue collaborates with Seena Fazel at Oxford on risk prediction tools in forensic pyschiatry (OxRISK) and ongoing studies into implementation in clinical practice.

Sue has a strong track record of methodology research including as a steering group member for development of internationally important risk of bias tools PROBAST and QUADAS for prognosis and diagnosis.

She is currently senior statistician on a number of ongoing clinical trials in CMI through NCITA, ACED and ongoing collaborations. She is lead statistician and methodologist on diagnostic and prognostic systematic reviews including recently on RT-PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2, Crohn's prognostic markers, hernia recurrence, Coeliac disease, prostate cancer and HIV. Sue has published over 100 papers.