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Prof David Atkinson

The office is currently not fully open. Telephone messages will be forwarded, but please contact via email: D.Atkinson@ucl.ac.uk

2nd floor, Charles Bell House, 43-45 Foley Street, London, W1W 7TS.  |  Map  |  Tel + 44 203 549 5660 (internal 65660) |  D.Atkinson@ucl.ac.uk

David Atkinson is a Professor of Imaging in Medicine. He previously worked in MRI at Guy’s Hospital, London and in CMIC at UCL. Since 2011 he has been based in the UCL Centre for Medical Imaging, where he continues to research and develop new acquisition and processing methods for MRI and PET/MRI, whilst also facilitating multiple academic studies and enhancements to the NHS service.

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Siemens-EPSRC PhD Studentship available (closing date 30 Nov): Further details.

Summary of current research projects
PositionProject TitleFunderDuration (months)Start YearGrant award
Co-PIAI and MR physics simulation to assess low-cost, low-field MRI as a cancer screening toolCRUK122019£96,000
PITuring Fellow: Machine Learning for MRI Motion CorrectionAlan Turing Institute 242018£10,000
PIApplication of inverse problems and modelling to the correction of artefacts in prostate diffusion MRI

Cancer Research UK / EPSRC

Multi-disciplinary Award

Co-ICancer Research UK602018£1,342,215

RISAPS Rivaroxaban in Stroke patients with AntiPhospholipid Syndrome. 

Arthritis Research UK

Co-IAdvanced MRI for the assessment of placental function in Fetal Growth RestrictionRRT 2017
Co-IA framework for efficient synergistic spatiotemporal reconstruction of PET-MR dynamic data

EPSRC (CCP Flagship)


PET-MR of the lung.

Siemens / UCL Impact Award for 3 PhD studentships.362016£150,000


RECLAIM Reclassifying constipation using MRI.

MRC Experimental Challenge Grant

Co-ICollaborative Computational Project in PET-MR


Co-IGiftSurg Image-Guided Intrauterine Minimally Invasive Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy

Wellcome / EPSRC Innovative Engineering for Health Award 

Recent Projects
PositionProject TitleFunderDuration (months)Start YearGrant award
SupervisorSupervising 2 PhD students, Motion correction and Super-resolution in abdominal MRI, and, Quantitative Information from Bowel Motility. (1 awaiting viva)UCL EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging962014£5,686,852
Co-ISupervising 2 PhD students (1 completed, 1 awaiting viva)

CRUK & EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre at KCL & UCL




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