UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing


Showcasing CMIC Platform grant Fellows' achievements

3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, 21 February 2018

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UCL Bloomsbury - Malet Place Engineering Building - LT 1.02

Title - Showcasing CMIC Platform grant Fellows' achievements


CMIC EPSRC Platform Grant "Medical image computing for next-generation healthcare Technology" underpins the engineering-based research activities of CMIC.

This week's seminar coincides with the mid-term review of CMIC's EPSRC Platform grant and we will use the seminar to showcase the work done within the platform so far. CMIC Platform grant Fellows - awardees of resource from the platform grant - will present their work through a series a short talks/pitches. The platform has a focus on exploitation of big data, combining imaging with non-imaging data types, and drawing on healthcare data to support future healthcare devices and systems. It is supporting the development of CMIC early career researchers while making steps towards that scientific vision. The seminar will highlight the breadth of activity within CMIC exemplified by the platform fellow's projects.