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Our aim is to make impact on key medical challenges facing 21st century society and to perform world leading research on medical imaging, image-analysis problems and applications.



A  group of academic staff, research staff and research students with close links with clinical Partners.



CMIC is located in the Engineering Front Building (EFB). The entrance to the building is in Malet Place, a small road off Torrington Place opposite Waterstone's bookshop.


4th edition of the University College London (UCL) Medical Image Computing Summer School (MedICSS) - 9th to 13th July 2018.

UCL MedICSS aims to offer young researchers from the international community an exciting opportunity to engage with world-renowned experts in a diverse range of medical image computing topics and learn about the state-of-the-art in the field. The program blends lectures by scientific and clinical leaders, with activity-based learning, such as interactive breakout sessions, to foster interaction among the participants and promote critical thinking and scientific discovery. As can be seen from the program (https://medicss.cs.ucl.ac.uk/programme-2/#not-set:all), we managed to enlist renowned experts in the fields of medical image computing and computer aided intervention from UCL and our close collaborators for this year's MedICSS.

MedICSS is primarily intended for first and second year PhD students doing a PhD related to medical image computing, although we also welcome applications from others including masters students, post-docs, and industry based researchers, and those working in other related fields. To apply please send us your CV by emailing a pdf to medicss@cs.ucl.ac.uk along with a very brief (several sentences at most) statement of your research activities and ambitions and what you hope to gain from attending MedICSS. The deadline for applications is 11th May 2018, but places are limited and once they are filled registration will be closed. For registration fees and other details please see the website (https://medicss.cs.ucl.ac.uk/apply-to-register-2/).

UCL MedICSS is sponsored by the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing and UCL's EPSRC funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging.

We look forward to seeing you in London in July,

Janaina Mourao-Miranda and Jamie McClelland, Organisers of the 2018 MedICSS Summer School

Accelerating Therapeutics - Christos Bergeles, Brice Thurin and Pearse Keane

Christos Bergeles, Brice Thurin and Pearse Keane received 65K GBP to fund their project "Plenoptic imaging for 3D heads-up vitroretinal surgery" - funded by the Therapeutic Acceleration Scheme (February 2018)

MICCAI 2018 - welcoming new members to programme committees

Congratulation to Christos Bergeles - Programme Committee Member, MICCAI Conference 2018 - he is responsible for meta-reviews on submissions pertaining to medical robotics and computer-assisted interventions

IET Central London - January 2018 - invited speaker - Christos Bergeles

Christos gave the invited evening talk at IET Central London in January 2018 -  "Achieving impossible interventions with robotic microsurgeons" - on invitation by IET Central London organiser Steven Mulvenna - the talk was very well received by the 150 participants attending.

Dr Jamie McClelland Stands up to Cancer!

Dr Jamie McClelland has featured in the Cancer Research UK's recent campaign video 'Meet the Stand Up to Cancer Scientists' - Jamie McCelland works on real-time imaging of tumours using a new radiotherapy machine, known as MR-Linac.

The MR-Linac has the potential to revolutionise radiotherapy treatment, particularly of tumours that move during treatment such as lung tumours, as it can provide real-time imaging while the radiotherapy treatment is actually being delivered. UCL, in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research and the Christie Hospital in Manchester, is developing image processing methods to estimate the 3D motion of the tumour and other organs from the real-time MR images, and to use this information to adapt and guide the radiotherapy treatment delivery. Watch the full video on YouTube here


CMIC success at MICCAI 2017

CMIC had several significant successes at MICCAI 2017.

Ryutaro Tanno received a Young Scientist Award for his presentation and poster - the closest MICCAI has to a best-paper award, so a great achievement!

Patrick Brandao won 3 awards at the EndoVis challenge on polyp detection and overall was placed 2nd.  Great stuff Patrick!

Guotai Wang was ranked 2nd at the BraTS challenge.  A long-standing and very competitive challenge, so very well done!

Nature Reviews Neurology Research Highlights feature MIG work (Grussu F et al, ACTN 2017)

The Research Highlights section of the prestigious journal Nature Reviews Neurology features MIG research. The highlight, which is authored by Dr Mitesh Patel and which will appear in the October 2017 issue, summarises recent results published by a joint UCL-University of Oxford venture in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology (available online since august 2017).

The team, led by Professors Claudia Gandini-Wheeler Kingshott (UCL), Gabriele C. DeLuca (Oxford) and Daniel Alexander (UCL), investigates neurite orientation dispersion, namely the variability of axon and dendrite orientations, in the multiple sclerosis spinal cord. Findings demonstrate that neurite dispersion carries the signature of multiple sclerosis pathology and could therefore be a new useful biomarker. Also, the metric could be clinically relevant, since the team shows that a clinically viable MRI technique known as NODDI provides histological meaningful indices of neurite dispersion. NODDI can be already set up in clinical systems, and future work will assess whether NODDI-derived dispersion can improve the accuracy of current prognosis and be useful for treatment monitoring in multiple sclerosis.

The Research Highlight is available here: http://www.nature.com/nrneurol/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nrneurol.2017.127.html

The original article of Grussu F et al in ACTN is available here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/acn3.445/full

Dr Gary Zhang article in "The I" newspaper

Gary has recently spent a month working at a newspaper called the I.  He wrote an article that appeared in the paper on a family that has made a massive difference to Alzheimer's research.  The article can be seen at


TIG academic wins Best Poster Award at IPMI 2017

We are pleased to congratulate Juan Eugenio Iglesias for winning the Best Poster Award at the Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI) conference 2017 for is work on "Globally Optimal Coupled Surfaces for Semi-Automatic Segmentation of Medical Images". This award was shared with Adrian Dalca et al's poster on "Population Based Image Imputation".  Read the full story.

CMIC successes at IPMI 2017

Well done to Eugenio Iglesias for his joint best-poster prize and to Razvan Marinescu for his honourable mention as one of two runners-up for the Erbsmann prize.