Medical Education


PMETB analysis

In 2007 I was commissioned to use multi-level modelling to analyse some of the data from the PMETB 2006 National Trainee Survey carried out by PMETB in 2006, to which over 24,000 doctors in the UK responded. 

Multi-level modelling is an elegant method of analysing data that are multi-level or hierarchical in structure, as is the case in the Trainee Survey. The various training providers, each provides training within a range of different specialities, and those training providers are themselves supervised by various postgraduate deaneries. The power of multi-level modelling is that it allows an assessment of the relative effect of these different levels of analysis, and also allows an analysis of whether particular items are outliers, or are within the expected range of variation, so that possible extreme cases can be identified.

The report, which is lengthy and detailed, is available from the PMETB website or here.