Staff and team development

To train the next generation of medical educators, you need to be adaptable to change, up to date with the latest medical developments, and effective in your personal teaching practices.

We have developed a programme of extensive training for academics and clinicians to improve their teaching skills and techniques.

Why choose UCL CIMEC?

As a vastly experienced medical school, we understand the challenges associated with updating and improving skills in a field that is constantly adapting.

Leaders can benefit from mentorship, guidance, and strategic advice, while teaching and technical staff can develop their skills and build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Our development programme

Through our extensive training programmes for academics and clinicians, you'll master: 

  • curriculum development
  • assessment
  • teaching techniques
  • course management 
  • developing medical English (spoken and written).

We also offer mentoring support to boost confidence and performance.

A visiting delegate practises a medical procedure with thread and scissors
Two delegates at the MSEC/CIMEC Thailand Symposium
Our expertise

Cutting-edge medical educators

Over the last decade, we have engaged in projects of all sizes across different regions of the world. Find out more about our education and development specialists.

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We are keen to hear from you and to work together to help you solve your medical education requirements.

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Two Medical School team staff in conversation
The UCL Centre for International Medical Education Collaborations