Quality assurance

Medicine and medical education are fast-moving fields. We work with you to monitor your programmes after they launch and to make smart and efficient improvements to keep standards high.

It's vital for any medical education provider to have a system of quality assurance in place to continually monitor and improve their programmes.

Why choose UCL CIMEC?

We're experienced in working with partner institutions to evaluate programmes on quality assurance and to advise on positive changes.

We can also help you set up your own quality assurance mechanisms.

Our experience in quality assurance within the field of medical education helps us work with partners to find solutions that work for their institutions.

What we offer

Our quality assurance services include:

  • Review of your existing quality assurance policies and practices
  • Evaluation against national and global standards
  • Recommending effective improvements to your programmes
  • Improving your QA principles and processes
  • Designing quality assurance mechanisms for you to operate independently.
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Our expertise

Publishing with our partners

We have co-authored an article with the Vice President (Health) at New Giza University for the Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development. It outlines how we drew on ideas from the UK and Egypt as we developed new undergraduate programmes in dentistry, pharmacy and medicine.

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Our work with New Giza University (NGU), Egypt

Alongside the UCL Medical School, School of Pharmacy and Eastman Dental Institute, we developed exciting and innovative degree programmes for New Giza University's new Health Sciences Campus.

Quality assured programmes for a rising star of MENA

We have worked closely with colleagues in New Giza to secure the ongoing development and quality assurance of these three new undergraduate degrees.

This long-term collaboration is designed to help NGU realise its goal of becoming a beacon in medical education in the Middle East and North Africa region.

We are delighted to see students at NGU attend their white coat ceremony (pictured), with promising medical careers ahead of them.

Graduating students in white medical coats assemble around the quad and water feature at NGU, Egypt
Graduating students in white medical coats stand during a ceremony at NGU, Egypt

The successful partnership with UCL has become sustainable and interwoven not just through our institutions but also through their individuals. We created a new type of working culture that supports teamwork, partnership, and encourages innovation and knowledge creation. Perhaps the most important factor underpinning the success of our project with UCL has been the mutual respect and sensitivity of academics and clinicians from both institutions.

Logo for New Giza University, Egypt, in maroon

New Giza University

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