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How to use MEDIALecture on your Mac

The following information will show you how to use MEDIALecture when using an Apple Mac computer to record yourself and your screen

Launch MEDIALecture

First login to Mediacentral and launch the application by clicking on the 'Record screen' button

Image of record screen button

You will be asked to Allow MEDIALecture to open the application.

Open Medialecture on a Mac window

MEDIALecture Application

When the application is launched it will appear in the bottom right-hand of the screen and look like the image below, you can move this to another area of your screen if required. The application is split up into four different sections

Medialecture application settings

The application is split up into four different sections:


Image of Screen icon

Clicking on Screen will allow you to record your screen, and if you have selected a voice input device in Settings, also record your voice.

  • When you select this option it will present you with the option of whether you would like to record all or part of your screen.
  • If you have multiple monitors attached to your computer it will display them here, allowing you to choose the monitor to record. 
  • Leave the default set to Record Full Screen, or choose Select Area to manually select the part of your screen to capture.

    Screen and Webcam

    Image of screen and Webcam icon

    Clicking this option allows you to perform a screen recording whilst capturing your webcam device.

    • The webcam that is used is the one selected in the application settings area.
    • Configure the recording in the same way as described above in the Screen capture section, then start it.
    • Once it is finished, the clip can be previewed and edited in the same way as described in the Screen capture section above.


    Image of Webcam icon

    When the Webcam is selected it captures video and audio input from your chosen webcam and microphone devices. The webcam recording appears in the MEDIALecture window in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

    Click on 

    • PAUSE to pause the recording,
    • CANCEL to start again without saving the recording, and 
    • DONE to save it and go to the editing screen. 

    Editing options are explained in the Upload and Edit pages


      Image of Voice icon

      Selecting Voice will capture the sound from your chosen audio input device. 

      • The audio device can be selected in the Settings area, as described earlier in this document. 
      • The progress is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

      Click on:

      • PAUSE to pause the recording, 
      • CANCEL to stop the recording and start again, deleting it, and 
      • DONE to progress to the Preview screen.

      Keyboard Controls

      Once you have dragged the mouse to the area you wish to record, the presentation will begin. Just before the start of the presentation the following screen will appear, showing the keyboard controls you can use during the recording.To pause and resume a recording you can use the keyboard shortcut option + P.  If you wish to use the drawing tool whislt recording use the keyboard shortcut option + D


      Clicking the MEDIALecture application in the taskbar will open the control menu in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

      Here you have the option to Draw, Pause, End the recording by clicking Done, or Cancel the recording to end it but delete it.

      Preview Window

      Once the recording is complete it will open up in a preview window and start playing through it. The recording is displayed in a film reel at the top of the window, and the progress bar can be dragged across the film reel to seek through the recording.

      Editing Options

      On the left-hand side of the window there are four options:

      Using these options, the clip can be trimmed, chopped, and titles and credits can be added.

      • Trimming
      • Chopping
      • Titles
      • Credits

      To move on and save the changes to your clip click on Edit original recording. If you want to leave the original recording untouched then click Create new recording and it will apply the edits to a new recording instead of making them to the original.


      Commit Recording

      Once any changes have been made using the buttons as described above, click on Done to commit the recording.


      Finally, metadata for the clip needs to be supplied. This will be the title, description and tags that are displayed for the recording in Mediacentral.

      There are three options that can be chosen at this point: 

      • UPLOAD – This will upload the clip to Mediacentral straight away
      • PREVIEW – This allows you to preview the clip, and make any changes to it that may be necessary
      • SAVE – Choose this option to save the clip in your local library. It can be accessed at a later time and edited if necessary and uploaded to Mediacentral at a chosen time.


        This section displays any clips that have been saved but not yet uploaded to Mediacentral.

        • There is a search box to allow searching of recordings, use this to find your content if there many files in your library.
        • Hovering over a clip on the list will bring up ‘pen’ and ‘cross’ icons, allowing you to edit a recording or delete it.
        • To upload a recording click on the ‘Not uploaded. Upload now’ hyperlink in orange.
        • Before the clip is uploaded the title and description can be edited, and it can still be previewed and edited using the PREVIEW button. 
        • Click UPLOAD to upload the clip to Mediacentral.

        The recording should appear in your personal category in Mediacentral shortly after being submitted.