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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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world bank

Nearly half of women with HIV lack support to manage menopause

Women with HIV are failing to get the support they need during menopause, according to a new study led by UCL.  More...

Published: May 17, 2018 2:32:50 PM


Stars formed only 250 million years after the Big Bang

Stars in a galaxy 13.28 billion light years away formed only 250 million years after the Big Bang, finds a team of international astronomers led by groups at UCL and Osaka Sangyo University in Japan. More...

Published: May 16, 2018 6:22:40 PM


Alcohol and tobacco biggest threat to lifespan of all addictive drugs

A new review, co-authored by Professor Robert West (UCL Behavioural Science and Health), has compiled the most up-to-date source of information on the burden of death and disease caused by alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use. More...

Published: May 11, 2018 6:41:46 PM

Skeletal remains showing evidence of leprosy

Did leprosy originate in Europe?

The largest study to-date on the DNA of ancient leprosy has revealed more strains of the debilitating disease were present in Medieval Europe, than previously thought. More...

Published: May 11, 2018 10:04:50 AM


Genome sequencing reveals origin of killer fungus behind the ‘amphibian plague’

A deadly fungus responsible for the devastation of amphibian populations around the world has spread from East Asia, according to new research led by scientists at UCL, Imperial College London and Zoological Society of London. More...

Published: May 11, 2018 9:39:29 AM


Gene may have helped humans adapt to cold climates

A gene variant common in Europeans may have proliferated because it helped early humans adapt to cold weather, according to UCL research. More...

Published: May 10, 2018 4:47:26 PM