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UCL at the BA Festival of Science

Publication date: Mar 14, 2006 4:14:54 PM

University College London (UCL) is fielding a host of top researchers at the BA Festival of Science at the University of Salford. Academics from across the university will be presenting the latest developments in their field.

8th - 12th September 2003

Next week’s presentations include;

  • Making New Bladders - Professor Christopher Fry – Institute of Neurology – ambitious new research offering the potential for complete new bladders to patients with bladder cancer.
  • Dyspraxia by Dr Elizabeth Hill, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience – an interactive session on dyspraxia (developmental coordination disorder) and new treatments available.
  • Archaeology and the relative sea level change in the Thames – Dr Jane Siddell, Institute of Archaeology – assessing the threats to archaeological sites along the Thames from natural processes, development and destructive research.
  • Development of Basic Numeracy - Professor Brian Butterworth– Institute of Cognitive Research – innovative new findings on the development of basic numeracy following analysis of over 18000 people.

Further information:

For further information on any of the presentations mentioned or to arrange an interview during the BA Festival of Science, please contact: Heidi Foden, UCL Media Relations, 07733 307596 or