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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Drones listen in on bats to reveal their in-flight secrets

Publication date:

Professor Kate Jones (UCL Genetics, Evolution & Environment) says that little known about what bats get up to high in the air and using drones like this could give us clues, providing the bats don't fly away from them. Read: New Scientist

Behind the scenes of the Lux-Zeppelin experiment into dark matter

Publication date:

Dr Chamkaur Ghag (UCL Physics & Astronomy) explains UCL's role in screening the 500 materials that will be used in the Lux-Zeppelin experiment to detect one of the candidates for dark matter - the weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP). Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Inside Science' (from 21 mins 10 secs)

How international scholars are fighting for Central European University

Publication date:

Professor Jan Kubik (UCL School of East European and Slavonic Studies) writes about a Rally for Academic Freedom, organised by UCL SEESS in support of the CEU, which is under threat from legislation passed by Hungary’s government. Read: THE

Test may spot glaucoma before symptoms begin

Publication date:

Professor Francesca Cordeiro (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) is leading the development of a simple eye test, patented by UCL Business, that can detect glaucoma before symptoms begin by enabling doctors to see individual nerve cell death in the back of the eye. Read: BBC News, More: BBC Radio 4 'Today' (from 47 mins 54 secs), The Telegraph, ITV News

'Exciting' blood test spots cancer a year early

Publication date:

Research led by Professor Charles Swanton (UCL Cancer Institute & The Francis Crick Institute), Dr Mariam Jamal-Hanjani and Dr Chris Abbosh (UCL Cancer Institute) has found that a blood test could predict lung cancer's return up to one year earlier than standard scans by tracking unstable chromosomes. Read: BBC News, More: Daily Mail, The Atlantic, Express

The toxic air in Britain’s cities demands urgent action – not legal delays

Publication date:

The air quality problem in Britain's cities needs immediate solutions including higher taxes on the dirtiest of vehicles and low-emissions zones in most cities, writes Dr Aaron Eveleigh (UCL Mechanical Engineering). Read: The Conversation

Bittersweet feeling as Cassini mission embarks on its ‘grand finale’ ahead of death plunge

Publication date:

Professor Andrew Coates (UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory) reflects on the finale of the Cassini mission exploring Saturn and its moons that he's worked on for 28 years. Read: The Conversation

The midlife body plan: how to get fit fast

Publication date:

Researchers at UCL tracked the exercise habits of people in their sixties. They found that those who exercised achieved "healthy" ageing, staving off serious illnesses up to seven times more effectively than their sedentary counterparts. Read: The Times (£)

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