Medical devices and diagnostics are increasingly being relied upon as gating factors on the choice of drugs to treat chronic and acute conditions, signalling a shift in the balance of power between ‘pharma’ and ‘med tech’.

Our expertise encompasses the full range of medical devices including surgical instruments, software, hardware, firmware, scientific instruments and in-vitro diagnostics. 

Yale-UCL Medical Technologies Collaborative

The Yale-UCL Medical Technologies Collaborative (MTC) is an Innovation Pipeline for Yale-UCL research in Medical Technologies created by the UCL Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

The MTC  is a two–-year enterprise cycle, directed at early-stage (pre-commercial) innovation generation and management in three medtech sectors.

  • Imaging and sensing
  • Biomaterials and drug delivery
  • Vascular engineering

It is based on an open competition across Yale and UCL, to find and support two entirely new, entirely co-owned Flagship Projects per sector per cycle. Year 1 focuses on identifying and seeding new projects, and generating initial proof of concept data. Year 2 focuses on initial market validation and the generation of targeted proof of concept data, ideally including beta-test clinical data such as first-in-man investigator-led trial data.