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2017-2018 Term Dates

Academic year 14/15

First Term

Monday 25th September 2017-Friday 15th December 2017

Second Term

Monday 08 January 2018- Friday 23rd March 2018

Third Term

Monday 23 April 2018 - Friday 08 June 2018

Lab Weeks

  • Week commencing Monday 6th November 2017
  • Week commencing Monday 12th February 2018

Bank Holidays

Monday 28th August 2017,

Monday 7th & Monday 28th May 2018

UCL Closure

  • Saturday 23rd December 2017 - Monday 1st January 2018
  • Thursday 29th March 2018 - Wednesday 4th April 2018

You said, We did

UCL Mechanical Engineering takes feedback from students seriously and wherever possible takes prompt, positive action based on that feedback.


There are a number of ways to convey feedback or raise issues with the department. These include:

  • Meetings with Year Group coordinators
  • Meetings with personal tutors
  • Feeding back to the Staff Student Consultative Committee through elected year group representatives
  • The Student Handbook feedback button on the top right of this and all other handbook pages – this allows even anonymous notification of issues and is checked regularly by Teaching and Learning staff and the Departmental Tutor

This below is a sample of some specific or ongoing issues raised by students and tackled by the department.

Feedback times improved

Long an issue for Mechanical Engineering and other students, the timing of feedback has been improved within UCL MechEng dramatically in recent years. The Teaching and Learning Team, working with academic staff within the department, have made strenuous efforts to ensure that, in most cases, students receive feedback on their work within four weeks of hand in.

Refurbished 4.10 study space

4.10 revamped

The older Roberts 4.10 study and teaching space has been completely revamped, refurnished significantly expanded and is now reserved almost exclusively for student use. Improvements to lighting and the look and feel of the basement computer room is currently being planned.

Social Space for Engineering students

Both the Faculty of Engineering and the department of Mechanical Engineering have responded to demands for social and flexible workspace for students by re-purposing the Henry Morley Building and allowing for social use of Roberts 4.10 in off peak hours (Friday afternoons).

A common room for MSc students is located on 66-72 Gower Street.

The Ship Design studio can now also be used for film nights if booked in advance with the Naval Architecture and Marine engineering office. (Roberts 5th floor)

Mechanical Engineering Society

Mechanical Engineering Society trip

Based on the stellar input of students over recent years, the department’s student run Mechanical Engineering Society continues to grow. The society receives financial and logistical support from the department and is constantly developing its programme of activities, including field trips and social activities.

The heat map: Avoiding deadline build up

Students fed back that some parts of the academic year had too many deadlines. The departments Teaching and Learning Team have worked with academic staff to create a “heat map” which allows for the better spacing of assignments.

Revamped degree programmes

The UCL Mechanical Engineering undergraduate programmes have all been thoroughly reviewed and revamped. The new undergraduate programmes remain very challenging but with far fewer assessments and more opportunities to take on practical challenges throughout the degree programme. The effort to improve the programmes is continuous process which takes ongoing student feedback into consideration.

Free printing

In response to student requests UCL MechEng allows students to print at no cost in Roberts 4.10 (UG and MSc) and at our Hampstead Road premises for PhD students.

IT hardware and software

The department invests heavily in both software and hardware to allow students access to professional level software and the machines to run them. Following the IT survey, storage space has been increased for all students for project work. The basement computer room has seen significant upgrades to computing facilities in recent years with new machines and larger screens to be installed in the coming weeks.

Additional support for careers

The world of work or further study beckons beyond the degree programme. Prompted by the students, UCL MechEng has invested in staff to run employability workshops integrated within the curriculum, and foster better relationships with industrial partners to help source interships

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