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2017-2018 Term Dates

Academic year 14/15

First Term

Monday 25th September 2017-Friday 15th December 2017

Second Term

Monday 08 January 2018- Friday 23rd March 2018

Third Term

Monday 23 April 2018 - Friday 08 June 2018

Lab Weeks

  • Week commencing Monday 6th November 2017
  • Week commencing Monday 12th February 2018

Bank Holidays

Monday 28th August 2017,

Monday 7th & Monday 28th May 2018

UCL Closure

  • Saturday 23rd December 2017 - Monday 1st January 2018
  • Thursday 29th March 2018 - Wednesday 4th April 2018


The UCL Online Timetable is the definitive source of information on timings and room locations of lectures and classes and should be checked regularly. See our guide on how to use your personal timetable.

UCL Online Timetable

Personal Timetable

Your personal timetable will display modules for which you are officially registered - you can check modules that you are registered for via Portico

Degree Timetable

The degree timetable will display all (compulsory and optional) modules in a particular degree that you select from a drop down list.

Custom Timetable

The custom timetable allows you to select any combination of modules and display them in a timetable format - you can use this feature to check for clashes between optional modules / minors (see below).

Optional Modules / Minors - Checking for clashes

If you are required to choose optional modules or minors you can use the custom timetable to check for clashes. See our guide on how to use the custom timetable.


Students are able to subscribe to their personal calenders using the iCalender subscription service

UCL iCalender Subscription Information


The UCL GO! App is available for download on your mobile device to provide up the minute news and timetable information

UCL GO! App Information

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