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2017-2018 Term Dates

Academic year 14/15

First Term

Monday 25th September 2017-Friday 15th December 2017

Second Term

Monday 08 January 2018- Friday 23rd March 2018

Third Term

Monday 23 April 2018 - Friday 08 June 2018

Lab Weeks

  • Week commencing Monday 6th November 2017
  • Week commencing Monday 12th February 2018

Bank Holidays

Monday 28th August 2017,

Monday 7th & Monday 28th May 2018

UCL Closure

  • Saturday 23rd December 2017 - Monday 1st January 2018
  • Thursday 29th March 2018 - Wednesday 4th April 2018

About the Department

The practical and experimental skills of mechanical engineers are what build planes, formula one cars, ships, power stations and help doctors cure people. Our freedom of movement and comfortable lifestyles come from their work.

UCL Mechanical Engineering is a research led department that is a dynamic and vibrant place to study and carry out research.

Located in Central London, it was the first Mechanical Engineering Department in the UK and has a long reputation for internationally leading research and quality teaching. It is equipped with high-quality laboratories and Mechanical Engineering workshops. We have particular strengths in marine engineering and engineering for the environment and medical purposes.

The department offers undergraduate degrees (MEng/BEng) in Engineering (Mechanical) and Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance), Master's degrees (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical options), Naval Architecture, Power Systems Engineering, Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering, Engineering with Finance and Engineering with Innovation & Entrepreneurship. We also offer postgraduate research qualifications within all of our areas of research.

NOTE: This handbook is designed to provide relevant information for taught students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The information it contains has been compiled by the Department, and is updated regularly. Please note that any rules and regulations outlined here exist in addition to UCL Regulations. No information given in this booklet overrides any regulation set by UCL. If you notice any error or inconsistencies in the information provided please email the Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant:

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