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Biomechanics research for cardiac patients

The Biomechanical Group specialises in applying the principles of mechanical engineering and materials science to the study of biomedical systems. It has an international reputation for its research and post-graduate training programmes. The group runs an MSc Programme in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, a doctoral training programme in Healthcare Engineering for an Aging Population (HEAP), and a large number of individual PhD projects.
The research of the group falls into four major research programmes, as follows:

  • biomaterials & therapeutics
  • medical devices
  • cardiovascular engineering
  • ultrasonics

The group benefits from high quality dedicated research laboratories and computational biomechanical analysis tools, which are used to study the form and function of a diverse range of biomechanical mechanisms. The group has strong and direct engagement with medical clinicians and the biomedical industry ensuring that the translational impact of the work is significant. The group has strong and reciprocal links with the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering, and UCL Institute of Making.
We are always looking for talented PhD students, and frequently have PhD scholarships available, please contact the individual academic staff below to enquire about these opportunities.

Academic Staff

Dr Gaetano Burriesci Prof Mark Miodownik 
Dr Vanessa Diaz Prof Nader Saffari
Prof Mohan Edirisinghe Dr Rebecca Shipley
Prof Suwan Jayasinghe Dr Ryo Torii
Dr Paul Fromme Prof Yiannis Ventikos
Dr Ben Hanson Dr Adam Wojcik
Dr Jie Huang  

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