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Dr Nick Bradbeer


Contact Details
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tel: 020 7679 7066 (direct)
internal: x37066

Research Associate

Nick joined the department in 2003 for an MSc in Naval Architecture, following a MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Durham. He then spent two years working as a desk officer for the Royal Navy’s technical safety assurance body for submarines, before returning to the department to complete his PhD. He is a member of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors, with experience of working on both surface ships and submariness.


Research Group: Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Nick’s main areas of research are survivability and operational modelling of surface warships, with a particular interest in cost-effective means of improving the resistance of ships to explosions. Other areas of interest include unconventional ship and submarine design, lighter-than-air vehicles and the development of operational analysis tools suitable for use during the early stages of ship design.

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