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Module Descriptor

MECH3002 Project

Code MECH3002
Alt. Codes(s) None
Title Project
Level 3
UCL Credits/ECTs 1 / 15
Taught by
Dr Paul Fromme Module Coordinator
  All Academic Staff Individual Supervisors


Progression to 3rd Year and suitably acceptable performance in any particular course in previous years deemed to be key to the particular project topic agreed by the relevant supervisor

Course Aims

For this course, every student is required to study a specific topic under the supervision of a member of the academic staff. This is laid down as a compulsory element of the degree course by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers for all students to obtain an accredited degree leading to Incorporated or Chartered Engineer qualification. The work will be of an investigative nature and may have analytical, numerical, design and experimental elements involved in it. The initiative for carrying out all aspects of the work rests with each student. Individual students can carry out an investigation into a problem either chosen from a list of suitable problems proposed by individual members of staff or of their own suggestion, in which case it must be approved by the Module Coordinator and have an agreed supervisor. Projects may be undertaken individually or in pairs but will be individually assessed.

Method of Instruction

There will be an introduction to the project course by the Module Coordinator in Year 2 when the list of projects will be issued together with detailed instructions for selecting a project and subsequent procedures to be followed throughout the course up to and submission of the final report. There will be a compulsory session on plagiarism and research skills.


The student’s performance will be assessed by several elements of continual assessment throughout the 3rd Year. Students are required to maintain a log-book recording their activities, as an examinable record of personal input to the project. There are two panel meetings at which the student’s project will be discussed with a panel of staff members, the second of which will include a formal presentation by the student. Between these meetings, students will be required to submit a progress report, together with their log-book, for assessment. Students will submit two copies of the final project report together with an electronic version. Detailed instructions will be provided during the project cycle.

Recommended Reading

Resources beyond the initial instructions and the initial (supervisor’s) description of the individual project, together with any further procedural guidance, will be project topic specific. The latter will be provided by the supervisor once the project has been formally allocated.


Individual students, or groups of students where appropriate, will carry out an investigation into a problem either of their own suggestion, in which case it must be approved by the Department, or chosen from a list of suitable problems prepared by the Department. The work on each topic will be supervised throughout by a member of the teaching staff.

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