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Module Descriptor

MECH1010 Modelling & Analysis in Engineering I

Code MECH1010
Alt. Codes(s) None
Title Modelling and Analysis I
UCL Credits/ECTS 0.5/7.5
Start September
Taught by
Dr Alistair Greig (35%) Module Coordinator
  Prof Ian Eames (30%)
  Dr Stavroula Balabani (35%)


The course is designed for students who have taken UK A level maths or IB Higher Level Maths. Knowledge of basic calculus is assumed as well as good algebraic ability. Material in the A level Mathematics core syllabus is taken as the starting point. Knowledge of simple 2D vectors is assumed, Knowledge of complex numbers is not assumed.

Students considering registering for this course must have attained passes in A-levels or the equivalent that meet the minimum requirements for admission onto the undergraduate programmes in Mechanical Engineering.

Course Aims and Objectives

To provide the necessary mathematical skills required for the other 1st year engineering subjects. To put the mathematics into an Engineering context and remind students of the difference between mathematical equations and the real world.

Method of Instruction

Lecture presentations with problem sheets and regular tutorial classes. The class is subdivided for tutorials. This is a predominantly lecture based class.


An end of academic year exam and coursework will be used to assess the course. The coursework will consist of two tests and some quizzes during the year. The first test is in the second week of term (UCL week 6) and the second is the mid-year test, usually in the last week of term. The quizzes will be open book, last about 45min. and will be held at regular intervals during the course. Your worst quiz mark will be discounted. The 75% of the marks for the course will come from the end of year exam, a significant proportion will come from the tests and the remainder from the quizzes. The pass mark is 40% which is based on your overall mark, there is no requirement to pass each individual component.

Recommended Reading

All students are sent a maths refresher pack shortly before joining UCL.

No single book covers the entire course, but “Engineering Mathematics” 6th Ed by K.A. Stroud comes fairly close and this will be used as the standard text for this course. Part I “Foundation Topics” provides a useful revision of core A. level material. “Foundation Mathematics” by K.A. Stroud is a new book that covers pre University Mathematics.


  • Calculus: methods of integration and differentiation. Partial differentiation, applications of integration.
  • Complex Numbers.
  • Vectors applied to physical and 3D geometric problems.
  • Modelling engineering systems with ODE
  • Numerical analysis.
  • Basic Statistics

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