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Module Descriptor

MECH1002 Engineering Thermodynamics

Code MECH1002
Alt. Codes(s) None
Title Engineering Thermodynamics
UCL Credits / ECTs 0.5/7.5
End March
Taught by
Dr Eral Bele (50%) Module Coordinator and Dr Rama Balachandran (50%)


Students considering registering for this course must have attained passes in A-levels or the equivalent that meet the minimum requirements for admission onto the undergraduate programmes in Mechanical Engineering.

Course Aims

This course introduces fundamental thermodynamic concepts relevant to various engineering applications. Concepts of thermodynamic systems such as work, temperature and heat will be introduced. The students will be taught zeroth, first and second law of thermodynamics and their application. An introduction to thermodynamic properties of idealised and real fluids will also be provided. Finally, the students will learn theories related to thermodynamic cycles such as refrigeration, gas power and steam cycles that govern operation of various practical devices such as internal combustion engines, jet engines, power generators, refrigerators and air conditioners.

Method of Instruction

Lecture presentations, Tutorial classes and three laboratory sessions


The course has the following assessment components:

  • Written Examination (3 hours, 75%)
  • Mid-Year Exam (1.5 hours, 12.5 %)
  • Three Laboratories (12.5%) :

To pass this course, students must:

  • Obtain an overall pass mark of 40% for all sections combined

Recommended reading

  • Internal Webpages:
  • UCLWiki- Thermodynamics
  • UCL Moodle: Problem sheets
  • Cengal YA and Boles MA, “Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach: Sixth Ed.”, McGraw-Hill
  • Van Wylen GJ and Sonntag RE, “Fundamentals of Thermodynamics: Sixth Ed”, Wiley
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  • Hastsopoulos GN and Keenan JH, “Principles of General Thermodynamics”, John Wiley


The concept of a thermodynamic system. Work and energy. The first law of thermodynamics. Equilibrium. The second law of thermodynamics. Heat transfer and temperature. The general and steady flow energy equations. The thermodynamic properties of idealised and real fluids. Simple property relationships. Reversible and irreversible processes. Entropy and the concept of a thermodynamic temperature scale.

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