Mechanical Engineering

Prof Yiannis Ventikos

Prof Yiannis Ventikos

Kennedy Chair and Head of Department

Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
1st Jul 2013

Research summary

Prof Ventikos' research focuses on transport phenomena and fluid mechanics, as they are applied to biomedical engineering problems, energy, innovative industrial processes and biocomplexity. Areas of research include arterial haemodynamics and tissue remodelling (with an emphasis on vascular diseases, like aneurysms), medical devices (mainly implants), cerebrospinal fluid dynamics and diseases like dementia, shock-induced bubble collapse, droplet generation and deposition, targeted drug delivery, swirling flows, chaos, mixing and dynamical systems, organogenesis and tissue engineering, micro- and nano-technologies, mainly as applied to manufacturing and process engineering. Computational modelling is at the centre of his research, developing and/or deploying a variety of methods and their combinations, like CFD, FEM, DSMD, ABM etc. Prof Ventikos' research spans the spectrum from fundamental to applied, and much of his work focuses on translation.

Teaching summary

Prof Ventikos has taught a variety of course, in several academic institutions, has introduced new teaching modalities (like virtual labs) and has acted as Director for MSc level programmes. Currently he is contributing to the teaching of a module on advanced computational modelling methods in engineering.


Yiannis Ventikos FREng MA PhD is the Kennedy Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at University College London. He has worked or studied in Greece, France, the USA and Switzerland.

Prof Ventikos has established the Fluidics and Biocomplexity Group that conducts basic and applied research in the broad fields of transport phenomena and fluid mechanics. He has published about 150 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, has contributed chapters in 10 books, has presented more than 300 papers in international conferences and workshops and has filed 9 international patents to date. He has substantial involvement in tech transfer and entrepreneurship, for example among others, he is the senior academic co-founder of a spin-out company active in the development of technologies for clean and sustainable baseload power generation and consults internationally in topics of his expertise. He has served as a reviewer for more than 70 academic journals as well as for textbook and monograph publishers. He is on the editorial board of 6 journals, and on the scientific and/or organising committee of numerous international conferences and workshops.