Mechanical Engineering

Dr Andrea Ducci

Dr Andrea Ducci

Associate Professor

Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
1st Aug 2010

Research summary

Andrea is an expert in mixing and experimental fluid mechanics and has investigated a broad range of flows, both of scientific, i.e. vortex ring, cylinder wake and grid generated turbulence flows, and of industrial relevance, i.e. stirred reactor and shaken bio-reactor flows.

The main objective of his study aims at obtaining a better understading of mixing dynamics by characterising the different mixing scales (macro- meso- and micro-scales) and by investigating the competitive actions due to diffusion and strain dynamics in the dispersion of a scalar.

He has been a co-investigator of the “Multiscale vorticity and strain dynamics in mixing processes and implications for micromixing modelling” Standard EPSRC grant (EP/D032539/1), and since October 2007 he was granted an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (EP/E055958/1) to bring new insight on the type, nature and occurrence of flow transitions and instabilities in shaken bioreactor flows as well as to offer novel information to improve the understanding of mixing mechanisms in related equipment and therefore develop and improve mixing modelling and processes design. In 2007 Andrea was appointed a Lecturer at King’s College London, and in August 2010 he moved to the Mechanical Engineering Department of University College London.  In April 2009 Andrea was presented by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE), Working Party on Mixing, with the “Young Researcher Award” for scientific achievements in mixing research.

Teaching summary

  1. Heat Transfer and Heat systems - MECHGM06, MECHGR06, MECHM007

  2. Automatic Control - MECH3005

  3. Design - MECH3010


Andrea is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department, deputy chair of the Fluid Mixing Process Subject Group of the Institute of Chemical Engineer (IChemE), and UK delegate of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers - working party on mixing.

He received his 5-year degree (Laurea) in aeronautical engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy in 1999. He subsequently obtained his PhD in 2004 with a study of the viscous dissipative scales of stirred reactor flows from the Mechanical Engineering Department of King’s College London, where he was appointed a Research Associate from 2004-2007 to apply advanced laser techniques for the study of fluid mechanics in stirred vessels.