Mechanical Engineering

Prof Alistair Greig

Prof Alistair Greig

Professor of Marine Engineering

Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
1st Oct 1987

Research summary

Professor Alistair Greig's research interests cover a broad range of topics relating to Marine Engineering including marine machinery integration with particular emphasis on advanced craft, and warship design.  Areas of interest include modelling marine propulsion plant, reducing emissions, high speed multihull craft and the impact of new technologies and legislation on ship design and operation. 

He also has a keen interest in Engineering Education.

Teaching summary

Director ofStudies

Chair ofDepartmental Teaching Committee

Chair of MScMechanical Engineering Umbrella Exam Board

Moduleco-ordinator for MECH0084 Ship Design Exercise for Marine Engineers (level 7)

Module tutorfor MECH0065/86/87 MSc individual projects (level 7)

Moduletutor for MECH0030 Maritime Design (level 6)

Module tutorfor MECH0020 Project (level 6)

Module tutorfor MTEC A2 (level 7)


University College London
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 1992
University College London
Other higher degree, Master of Science | 1986
University College London
First Degree, Bachelor of Science (Honours) | 1985


Professor Alistair Greig was trained as a Marine Engineer by the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors MOD(N) and spent time at sea on warships and submarines.  His BSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Marine Engineering were completed at UCL.  He subsequently studied for a part time PhD at UCL in underwater robotic applications.  He was appointed as a UCL Lecturer in 1989; Senior Lecturer in 2001; full Professor in 2016 and Deputy Head of Department (Education) in 2017.

He has a keen interest in Engineering Education and is a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.  He is actively engaged in national and international accreditation of higher degrees and engineering education capacity building.  Currently he is Chair of the UK Engineering Accreditation Board.  He is a Fellow of Council the IMarEST and a past Chair of the Professional Affairs and Accreditation Committee.  At the European level he is the immediate past Chairman of the Executive Council of WGEMT a grouping of over 30 European Universities engaged in maritime education and research and has been involved in many EC funded projects to promote engineering education and stimulate new transport research from young researchers.

His current research focuses on ship concept design and ways to improve ship efficiency.  He regularly acts as a subject expert in marine engineering and engineering education for bodies including the European Commission, UK QAA and various European Governments.  Until 2019 he was a member of the board of directors for the Waterborne Technology Platform.