MBPhD Programme


WYKES, Victoria



Current Position:

Qualified 2005

PhD title:

Principal Supervisor:

Prof J Garthwaite

Funding Source:

Rockefeller Fund

Description of Project:

"The Mechanism of Nitic Oxide Signalling in the CNS"

PubMed-accessible Publications:

Wykes,V. , Bellamy,T.C., & Garthwaite,J. (2002) Kinetics of nitric oxide-cyclic GMP signalling in CNS cells and its possible regulation by cyclic GMP. J.Neurochem., 83, 37-47.

Griffiths,C., Wykes,V., Bellamy,T.C., & Garthwaite,J. (2003) A new and simple method for delivering clamped nitric oxide concentrations in the physiological range: application to activation of guanylyl cyclase-coupled nitric oxide receptors. Mol.Pharmacol., 64, 1349-1356.

Gibb,B.J., Wykes,V., & Garthwaite,J. (2003) Properties of NO-activated guanylyl cyclases expressed in cells. Br.J.Pharmacol., 139, 1032-1040.

Wykes,V . & Garthwaite,J. (2004) Membrane-association and the sensitivity of guanylyl cyclase-coupled receptors to nitric oxide. Br.J.Pharmacol., 141, 1087-1090.