MBPhD Programme


WRIGHT, Matthew James



Current Position:

Qualified 2000

PhD title:

In Vivo Myocardial Gene Transfer: Optimization and Evaluation of Gene Transfer Models & Vectors

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Wright,M.J. , Wightman,L.M., Latchman,D.S., & Marber,M.S. (2001) In vivo myocardial gene transfer: optimization and evaluation of intracoronary gene delivery in vivo. Gene Ther., 8, 1833-1839.

Wright,M.J. , Wightman,L.M., Lilley,C., de Alwis,M., Hart,S.L., Miller,A., Coffin,R.S., Thrasher,A., Latchman,D.S., & Marber,M.S. (2001) In vivo myocardial gene transfer: optimization, evaluation and direct comparison of gene transfer vectors. Basic Res.Cardiol., 96, 227-236.

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