MBPhD Programme


SMOLICZ, Izabella


September 2016

Current Position:

(2018/19) PhD Research Year 2

PhD title:

Improving diagnosis and treatment for relapsed childhood brain tumours

Principal Supervisor:

Dr Tom Jacques, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health, Faculty of Population Health Sciences

Funding Source:

Child Health Research PhD Studentship

Description of Project/Abstract:

Major causes of childhood death are diseases of the brain. We have a limited understanding of the pathogenesis of these diseases in the developing brain, including the functional implications of cellular heterogeneity. Therefore, improved methods are required to assess the biology of these brain diseases. In this project, post-mortem tissue from children who have died from brain tumours will be used to explore cellular heterogeneity in the developing brain along with characterising normal developmental cells, looking at how they respond or contribute to cellular heterogeneity. This will involve immunohistochemistry, three-dimensional visualisation of tissue with the CLARITY technique and genomic studies with DNA methylation and RNA sequencing. Ultimately, the aim is to develop techniques to better elucidate cellular heterogeneity in childhood brain diseases, allowing us to further understand its role in the pathogenesis.



Awards & Prizes: