MBPhD Programme


RYTEN (nee Bar-Isaac), Mina 



Current Position:

Qualified 2004

PhD title:

Principal Supervisor:

Prof Geoff Burnstock

Funding Source:

Departmental Research Studentship (UCLMS)

Description of Project:

Puinergic Signalling in Developing and Regenerating Skeletal Muscle

PubMed-accessible Publications:

Ryten,M. , Hoebertz,A., & Burnstock,G. (2001) Sequential expression of three receptor subtypes for extracellular ATP in developing rat skeletal muscle. Dev.Dyn., 221, 331-341.

Ryten,M. , Dunn,P.M., Neary,J.T., & Burnstock,G. (2002) ATP regulates the differentiation of mammalian skeletal muscle by activation of a P2X5 receptor on satellite cells. J.Cell Biol., 158, 345-355.

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