MBPhD Programme





Current Position:

Qualified 2012

PhD title:

The Role of Thymosin beta 4 in Coronary Development and Neovascularisation

Principal Supervisor:

Dr Paul Riley, Institute of Child Health

Funding Source:


Description of Project:

Vascular insufficiency is a major cause of ischaemic heart disease. The molecules that regulate collateral growth in the ischaemic heart are undoubtedly the same molecules that orchestrate the morphogenetic events of coronary vasculature formation during embryogenesis. Thymosin b 4 has previously been identified as essential for all aspects of coronary vessel development. In this model Tb4 signals from the developing myocardium to the overlying epicardium to induce vascular progenitors. As part of the same study it has been revealed that Tb4 can induce adult epicardium to produce endothelial and smooth muscle cells for collateral vessel growth. My studies seek to realise the full potential of T b 4 both in terms of renewal of regressed vessels at low basal level or sustained neovascularisation following cardiac injury.

Rossdeutsch A., Smart N., Riley PR. Thymosin beta 4 and Ac-SDKP: Tools to Mend a Broken Heart J. Mol. Med. (2006)