MBPhD Programme


KAHAN, Joshua James


July 2011

Current Position: 

Qualified: 2016

PhD title: 

Investigating the mechanism of action of Deep Brain Stimulation using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Principal Supervisor: 

Dr Thomas Foltynie - Sobell Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders

Funding Source: 

Rosetrees Charitable Trust , the Astor Foundation and the Middlesex Hospital Medical School General Charitable Trust

Description of Project:

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative condition primarily affecting cells supplying the basal ganglia with dopamine. Clinically, this typically produces a classical pattern of motor symptoms, which deteriorate with disease progression. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is surgical procedure involving the permanent implantation of a pacemaker and electrodes targeting deep brain structures. DBS has become an established means of managing advanced PD once medications alone fail to produce sufficient relief. Despite its increasing use, the mechanisms of action of DBS remain unclear. The purpose of my project is to gain more insight into the neuromodulatory nature of DBS using non-invasive functional magnetic resonance imaging in patients who have had the procedure. Specifically, I am interested in the effect of DBS on how distant brain regions communicate with each other. For this I work closely with the Unit of Functional Neurosurgery (supervised by Dr Tom Foltynie) and the Neuroradiology Academic Unit (Dr Laura Mancini, Prof. Xavier Golay) in the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, as well as the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging (Prof. Karl Friston).



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Statistical Parametric Mapping Course - October 2013

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