MBPhD Programme


HUYS, Quentin JM



Current Position:

Qualified 2011 

PhD title:

Computational psychiatry

Principal Supervisor:

Prof P Dayan

Funding Source:

Gatsby Unit/UCL funds.

Description of Project:

The diagnostic process in psychiatry has made great progress in the past couple of decades, but still relies to a much larger extent on what other areas of medicine might call the taking of a history. With the aim of providing more detailed and advanced tests, we build detailed formal models of decision making in specific, psychiatrically relevant situations and use the models to make tasks which can be administered to patients. Thus, we attempt to use patients' decisions (not their verbal reports) to infer underlying pathology. Because this directly links psychopathology with normative decision making, it allows a much tighter integration with neuroscience, behavioural research and psychopharmacology