MBPhD Programme


HUNT, David



Current Position:

Qualified 2005

PhD title:


Principal Supervisor:

Dr R Coffin

Funding Source:

Consolidated/PG Fund

Description of Project:

"Herpes Vectors for the study of Regenerative Processes in the peripheral Nervous System"

PubMed-accessible Publications:

Hunt,D. , Mason,M.R., Campbell,G., Coffin,R., & Anderson,P.N. (2002) Nogo receptor mRNA expression in intact and regenerating CNS neurons. Mol.Cell Neurosci., 20, 537-552.

Hunt,D. , Coffin,R.S., & Anderson,P.N. (2002) The Nogo receptor, its ligands and axonal regeneration in the spinal cord; a review. J.Neurocytol., 31, 93-120.

Hunt,D ., Coffin,R.S., Prinjha,R.K., Campbell,G., & Anderson,P.N. (2003) Nogo-A expression in the intact and injured nervous system. Mol.Cell Neurosci., 24, 1083-1102.

Hunt,D ., Hossain-Ibrahim,K., Mason,M.R., Coffin,R.S., Lieberman,A.R., Winterbottom,J., & Anderson,P.N. (2004) ATF3 upregulation in glia during Wallerian degeneration: differential expression in peripheral nerves and CNS white matter. BMC.Neurosci., 5:9., 9.

Chandran,S., Hunt,D., Joannides,A., Zhao,C., Compston,A., & Franklin,R.J. (2008) Myelin repair: the role of stem and precursor cells in multiple sclerosis. Philos.Trans.R.Soc.Lond B Biol.Sci., 363, 171-183.