MBPhD Programme


HOLT, James Keith



Current Position:

Qualified 2003

PhD title:

Principal Supervisor:

Funding Source:

Description of Project:

an analysis of he Role of T-Box Genes in Development of the Mamalian Retina

PubMed-accessible Publications:

Campbell,G., Holt,J.K., Shotton,H.R., Anderson,P.N., Bavetta,S., & Lieberman,A.R. (1999) Spontaneous axonal regeneration after optic nerve injury in adult rat. Neuroreport., 10, 3955-3960.

Sowden,J.C., Holt,J.K., Meins,M., Smith,H.K., & Bhattacharya,S.S. (2001) Expression of Drosophila omb-related T-box genes in the developing human and mouse neural retina. Invest Ophthalmol.Vis.Sci., 42, 3095-3102.

Bibb,L.C., Holt,J.K., Tarttelin,E.E., Hodges,M.D., Gregory-Evans,K., Rutherford,A., Lucas,R.J., Sowden,J.C., & Gregory-Evans,C.Y. (2001) Temporal and spatial expression patterns of the CRX transcription factor and its downstream targets. Critical differences during human and mouse eye development. Hum.Mol.Genet., 10, 1571-1579.

Behesti,H., Holt,J.K., & Sowden,J.C. (2006) The level of BMP4 signaling is critical for the regulation of distinct T-box gene expression domains and growth along the dorso-ventral axis of the optic cup. BMC.Dev.Biol., 6:62., 62