MBPhD Programme


DAVIS, Benjamin Michael



Current Position:

Qualified: 2013

PhD title:

Masculinity and healthcare: barriers to providing and accessing healthcare interventions amongst men in north India.

Principal Supervisor:

Professor Graham Hart, Department of Primary Care & Population Sciences and Dr Martine Collumbien (LSHTM)

Funding Source:

Glaxo Smith Klein

Description of Project:

Gender plays a significant role in the provision of healthcare services internationally. In the area of reproductive and sexual health, interventions are significantly biased towards interactions with and interventions for women with a concurrent dismissal of such services for men. In light of much of the anthropological and epidemiological research on HIV transmission, this bias is surprising and perhaps counter-intuitive and has profound consequences for the health of both sexes. My research is looking at the barriers to providing healthcare services for men, by examining notions of masculinity and how they have shaped healthcare services in post-colonies such as India. Reaching beyond the episteme of the natural sciences, my work is focused on the context in which healthcare services take place and illustrates the very significant but seemingly understated importance of these contexts upon healthcare outcomes.