Options for Students going in year 2/3/4


All students on Maths degrees who are not graduating this year are asked to make a preliminary choice of options for next year before the end of this term (7 June 2013).

This choice does not replace entering your choice on Portico, which you will need to do at the appropriate time. You are also free to change your choice of options when you do choose on Portico. However, your choice  here may affect whether or not Maths modules run, size of rooms booked for lectures, etc., and gives you priority  on a place on the Maths modules you choose, so please make sure you do submit a preliminary choice.

Students going into Year 2 in 2013-2014

Students going into Year 2 in 2013-2014 in general need to choose their options in term 2 (four options for straight Maths, usually three options for Maths with ****), although if you take an outside option you may be able to take this in term 1. When choosing second year options, you need to also consider what you may want to take in Year 3, as many third year courses depend on the second year options. This is particularly important for MSci students.

Students going into Year 3/4 in 2013-2014 

Students going into Year 3 or Year 4 in 2013-2014 in general need to choose 8 options, which are normally split 4:4 in term 1 and term 2, although a 5:3 split is also possible.

If you are going into Year 3 of the MSci, you need to pick a certain number of designated options, and you should also think about what you would take in Year 4.

Please submit your preliminary choice of options by the end of term 3 (7 June 2013) here:

Preliminary choice form for Year 2 in 2013/2014

Preliminary choice form for Year 3 in 2013/2014

Preliminary choice form for Year 4 in 2013/2014

If you change your mind after submitting, please just submit a new entry.


Quite detailed information on rules for choosing options, syllabuses, pre-requisites, etc. can be found on degree structures. Please read through the information before choosing.  You may also want to look at the syllabuses 2013-2014. Timetable information is unfortunately not available yet.


If you have any queries regarding your choice of options,  Dr Mark Roberts will be available for consultation on most of the days during term 3 from 11.00 to 12.00 in room 604a (25 Gordon Street). You are also welcome to contact Dr Roberts by e-mail.  In this case please use subject line OPTIONS and send to m.l.roberts AT ucl.ac.uk.

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