MSc Financial Mathematics - Further Information

The primary method of teaching and learning in the MSc is by means of lectures, reinforced by coursework, self-study, and in some cases computer classes. There is also a substantial project component.

Student assessment of lectures

Students are asked at the end of each Mathematics course to fill in an anonymous questionnaire on their assessment of the course. The forms will be analysed, and the summary of results posted on the noticeboard in the Student Common Room.

Reading weeks

Mathematics Department lectures and problem classes will not take place during the 'reading weeks' of 8-12 November 2021 or 14-18 February 2022. These weeks provide a time to go through what you have studied so far and make sure you understand it. Important: If you are taking courses from other departments, such lectures may continue during the reading weeks. Certain other activities may also take place during reading week.

Coursework: problem sheets

In some courses regular coursework is set. In most courses, this consists of problem sheets given out to be completed and handed in a week later. This is a very important part of the course - working on problems is one of the best ways of getting a good understanding of the topics (as well as learning how to solve problems). Requirements for each course may vary; students should check individual course units.

Keeping coursework

Please note that you should keep all your returned marked coursework: you may be required to re-submit them for scrutiny at the end of the year. You will also find your coursework useful when you come to revise.

Co-operation and plagiarism

Plagiarism, which includes copying the work of other students, or copying from books, research papers or websites without proper acknowledgment and citation, is strictly forbidden, and could lead to severe penalties. When you are working on a problem, it may well be helpful to discuss it with other students, and indeed you may sometimes be asked to work in groups. However, you must write the work up independently and on your own. All written project work should be carefully referenced to acknowledge sources of information. Students will be required to submit both hard and electronic copies of their written work and you should be aware that, if deemed necessary, a project will be submitted to the Turnitin plagiarism detection system for evaluation.
Please also read the entry on Plagiarism on the UCL Current Students pages.

Office hours

The lecturer for each course will allocate an office hour each week, when they will normally be available in their office to answer questions on the course. This time will be advertised on the office doors. A list of lecturers with their room numbers is given above; you can also find photographs of members of staff in the Student Common Room, Room 502.


Assessment is predominantly by formal written exams, held in the Third Term (Monday 25 April 2022 until Friday 10 June 2022). Some courses have a coursework component (e.g.10%). It is necessary to attend the lectures and complete the coursework satisfactorily in order to pass a course. If inadequate coursework is attempted, you may be considered to be "Not complete" and withdrawn from the exam, resulting in automatic failure in that course. The normal criterion for coursework to be considered adequate is that you make a reasonable attempt at a minimum of 50% of the coursework sheets. Please also note the section on Examinations later in this booklet and the information on the UCL Current Students Exams pages.


You are expected to be available to attend classes during all of term time, and therefore to attend all lectures, problem classes, etc. If your attendance is very poor, you may be asked to leave the MSc course.

Absence due to illness or other unavoidable cause

If you have to be absent for a period of more than 2 days, please let the MSc Financial Mathematics Administrator in Room 610c know (email: maths.mscteaching AT ucl.ac.uk or j.dosanjh AT ucl.ac.uk, or telephone: 020 7679 1373). If your absence is longer than a week, please see the MSc Tutor when you return to college, providing a doctor's note if relevant.