A lot of our research is concerned with the spectral theory (mostly of partial differential and difference equations). A significant proportion of our work concentrates on borderline areas between analysis and other fields, such as: geometry, number theory, mathematical physics and probability theory. More specifically, within our group we have people working in the following areas:

  • Spectral geometry;
  • Periodic and almost-periodic spectral problems;
  • Toeplitz operators;
  • Spectral theory of automorphic forms;
  • Geometric scattering theory;
  • Random operators;
  • Matrix-valued operators (in particular, Dirac operators);
  • Integrable systems;
  • Nevanlinna Theory;
  • Statistical Mechanics.

Group Members

Academic Staff:
Dr Jeffrey Galkowski, Associate Professor in Pure Mathematics
Dr Selim Ghazouani, Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
Prof Rod Halburd, Professor of Mathematics
Associate Prof Mahir Hadzic, Associate Professor in Mathematics
Dr Mikhail Karpukhin, Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
Dr Beatriz Navarro Lameda, Lecturer (Teaching)
Prof Leonid Parnovski, Professor of Mathematics
Prof Yiannis Petridis, Professor of Mathematics
Dr Nadia Sidorova, Reader in Mathematics
Prof Alex Sobolev, Professor of Pure Mathematics
Prof Alan Sokal, Professor of Statistical Mechanics & Combinatorics
Prof Dmitri Vassiliev, Professor of Mathematics

Dr Bodan Arsovski
Dr Yan-Long Fang
Dr Alexander Walker
Dr Megan Griffin-Pickering
Dr Marcello Malagutti
Dr Ruoyu Wang