Information about reference requests for further study or employment.

References - how they are completed

Many of you will need references for an application for post-graduate study (often MSc) or less often, for jobs. In most cases now, you simply put the contact details of your referees on your application form and the relevant university/employer contacts your referee directly. The address given should be:

Dr/Prof ****
Mathematics Department
UCL, Gower Street

with the appropriate e-mail address and phone number for the particular member of staff, as detailed on the staff list on the Maths website.

Who to ask to be your referee

If you need references, you can ask your personal tutor (who should be able to provide a reference) or any other member of staff you know. You should ask permission of the member of staff concerned before putting them down as a referee. You may also put the Departmental Tutor, Dr Mark Roberts, as a referee without asking permission first. However, in all cases it is likely to be helpful to have a brief discussion with your referee first. You may like to also provide a CV or personal statement and also mention if there are any circumstances you would like mentioned in your reference if possible.


A referee may be able to complete a reference for you quickly, but you should normally allow at least 3 weeks. If you need a reference done quickly, you should ask your referee directly.


When you make applications for postgraduate study or jobs, you will often need a formal transcript. These can only be obtained from the Registry/Student Centre.

This UCL page contains information about transcripts and degree certificates. Transcripts show only module marks and degree class (if applicable) - any information about average mark, etc, may be given in references.