Seeing in 4D - visualising and making shapes in 4 dimensions

How can we see in 4 dimensions? What does the 4th dimension even mean?

Seeing in 4D workshop, Jason Lotay
On Friday 23 October 2015 (6-8pm, UCL) an interactive exploration of geometry in the 4th dimension through drawing, folding and making objects was held at UCL. The workshop was run by Jason Lotay and Lilah Fowler.

Jason Lotay is a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at University College London who works in geometry.  He seeks to describe and understand certain notions of "best" shapes in higher dimensions, and his work has connections with theoretical physics and the shape of our universe.

Seeing in 4D workshop, Lilah Fowler
Lilah Fowler is a London-based artist who also works for the Slade School of Fine Art.  Her sculptures, prints and other elements take on the combined form of intricate installations that question the common, mutable languages that shape how we interpret our surroundings.