Department News, October 2021 Part 3

28 October 2021

1. Christina Pagel, with Kit Yates from Bath, has a "Perspective" in Science this week: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abi6602

2. Ian Petrow has had his EPSRC New Investigator Award "Strong subconvexity and an optimal large sieve inequality for PGL(2)" funded.

3. Lian Brenner Tattersall, who's just entered the second year of our MSci Mathematics degree, has been awarded the MAPS Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence.

4. Bishal Deb has been accepted as a "viewer" at this year's Global Young Scientists Summit.

5. Kian Cheng passed his PhD viva last Friday with minor corrections.  His thesis, titled “Singularity Structure in Detecting Differential and Discrete Integrability”, was supervised by Rod. Congratulations Dr Cheng!