Department News, July 2020 Part 2

24 July 2020

1. This year's NSS results were released. The department scored 92.8% for overall satisfaction - an increase of 7.7% over the last two years, second in the faculty (behind STS) and 7% above the sector average. There was a notable improvement in our score for "student voice", which was what Unitu was aiming to help with. Many thanks to Nadia, Mark, the Teaching and Learning team (Harry, Sukh, Sam and Lana) and to all the teaching staff who have contributed to this excellent result.

2.  The department received a Gold award for Green Impact https://www.ucl.ac.uk/sustainable/news/2020/jul/ucls-2020-sustainability-award-winners-unveiled
Many thanks to the Green Team for their hard work.

3. Grace Zihua Liu passed her viva last week. Her thesis title is "The generation and evolution of internal solitary waves", and she was supervised by Ted Johnson. Congratulations Dr Liu!

4. Niki Kalaydzhieva passed her viva this week. Her thesis title is "Multiple solutions of Pell's equation and continued fractions over function fields", and she was supervised by Andrew Granville. Congratulations Dr Kalaydzhieva!

5. There is an article in UCL News about the new Maths in Healthcare Hub CHIMERA, involving Nick Ovenden, Christina Pagel and Alex Diaz.