Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics Seminar

Autumn 2019

All seminars (unless otherwise stated) will take place on Tuesdays at 5pm in Maths Room 707 (25 Gordon Street) - see the map for further details. If you require any more information on the Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics seminars, please contact Dr John Talbot (e-mail: j.talbot AT ucl.ac.uk or tel: 020-7679-4102).

19th November 2019

Speaker: Tomack Gilmore (UCL)

Title: Plane partitions, rhombus tilings, lattice paths, and perfect matchings (with some pretty pictures)

Plane partitions were first studied by Percy Alexander MacMahon at the beginning of the twentieth century and since then these objects have given rise to a rich and diverse range of results in combinatorics and statistical physics. In this talk I will discuss some lovely bijections between plane partitions, rhombus tilings, lattice paths, and perfect matchings, as well as some more recent results that show that certain rhombus tiling models are governed by laws similar to those of two-dimensional electrostatics.